Monday, November 26, 2012

Viva Las Vegas...

Hi Y'all! I'm back from Idaho full as a tick, and heart happy from getting to spend a few days with family. There was plenty of food, kids, laughs, shopping, and a big bonfire. It was great!  :)

One more thing that I am SUPER happy about is... Last week, The Hubs surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas next month for our 10 year anniversary!! I'm SO Excited!!  We used to go to Las Vegas once or twice a year before Katie was born. We had some really fun times, but that 2nd child thing started eating into our Las Vegas funds. Ha! She's totally worth it though. :)

There are so many things to love about Vegas, but the things I love the most are gambling, dressing up, shopping, beautiful hotels, people watching, good food, etc...  I also love how the days and nights last so long that you can hop over to Vegas for 3 days, and feel like you squeezed a weeks worth on vacation into them.  We haven't been since May of 2008. 4 years ago!! We used to always stay at the Hilton, but it's now the LVH, so we are staying at The Aria.  I can't wait!!! Hmmm... What to wear?? My wardrobe isn't exactly very "Las Vegas" these days. Oh well, another "first world" problem for another day.
Here are a few pics from past trips to Vegas.

We look so young! Have I really aged that much in 4 years?!? Oh well, all the lines on my face are from smiling. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  ;)

We even took Ryan once!

Days at the pool

Lunch with girl friends

Lunch with all friends

The sibling trip to Vegas

At the LAS

My Love

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  1. How SWEET of him!!
    Love the pictures!
    Vegas is a must-see for me once in my life. I just have to check it out one day!