Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vintage Inspired...

Hi Y'all!

      It's 5am, and I am waking up from a long extended holiday weekend. (Yawn) I would love to say that I was spending it on a beach somewhere, or gambling and shopping it away in Las Vegas... Nope! These days this mom's long holiday weekends are filled with Chuck E Cheese's, soccer tournaments, coffee dates, basketball games, and kid's birthday parties. Some would think it's not really the glamorous life, but it's a weekend spent with friends and the peeps I love the most! It was a pretty fun weekend actually. :) 

Now back to the shopping in Las Vegas comment... Have you been to the mall lately?  I met Friend last week at the mall for coffee, and was holiday browsing through all of the fall vintage looking pieces that are out there lately. This makes me very happy of course, because I am totally into the look of the 70's. I swear that I was born to be a Charlie's Angel. Swoon...

Here are just a couple of things I found the other day to add to my holiday wish list...
(a nod to Charlie Brown)

So many things on my Holiday Wish List are vintage inspired. It makes me wonder... Could I find some cute vintage things for my winter wardrobe on a budget at thrift stores?  Hmmm.... Challenge accepted!  :)