Thursday, November 29, 2012

Deck the Halls...

Hi Y'all!!  I haven't written in a few days because life has been busy this week! Phew!! Not much exciting going on, just busy days. The holidays are coming, and I have been doing a whole lot of online holiday shopping instead of blogging. We celebrate Christmas in Idaho with the Hubs' family. This means that holiday shopping for the kids has to be done online, because they are too old to get away with stashing presents in the car anymore.  All gifts to be wrapped and placed under the tree on Christmas Eve. I LOATHE wrapping all gifts at one time. I am not a good wrapper, and it just takes forever.  It's really fun the next morning though!!

All though we celebrate in Idaho, we still put a tree up at home because it's really fun for the kids. Oh, and because I L.O.V.E my our tree! Some people like to fill their houses with different themed trees. Example: My sister has 4 (yes 4) Christmas trees in her house this year! Not me. I like to have one tree that I  can perfect over the years. Besides, taking all of those trees down sounds like hard work! Ornaments, lights, and stuffer fillers. Oh my! Sorry, I'm dorking out. Anyway, Here are some pictures for you, because I know that you have been dying to see it. Ha!  I keep waiting for department stores to contact me to decorate their Christmas trees at the mall, but I haven't gotten a call yet. Just kidding...  but seriously... that would be such a fun job!!!  Call me Macy's!!  ;)   ~Betsy

Our Candy Tree!