Tuesday, November 20, 2012

34 Days and Counting...

Hey Y'all! Can you believe that Black Friday is almost here already?!?  34 days and counting until Christmas!  I have my eye on a few deals this year for the holiday, and will be venturing out to Best Buy on Thanksgiving night to battle the rest of the crazies to see if I can win one or two of them.  What am I thinking???
Well, this year we are planning to get Ryan a laptop for Christmas. I am having my doubts about this one though. Let's weigh the Pros and Cons...

I WANT to get it for him because: 1. I know he will love it, 2. The PC at home that he uses all the time could die any day, 3. His school has him using the computer for homework a lot more these days, 4. He loves to play computer games.

I DON'T want to get it for him because: 1. He'll download a virus the day after Christmas, 2. Stranger danger, 3. He'll be 9 years old with a new laptop, so what will he expect at 14 years old?  4. He already has a PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and a Kindle Fire. Does he really need one more electronic? Maybe what he needs is a basketball hoop!

Well, when you live in Oregon... it's hard to get kids "outside" things for Christmas, because they don't really get to play with it until it stops raining in 6 months. :(  I really do want to get him a basketball hoop, but we live in the city. This means we have very small yards, no driveway, and there are cars parked on the street in front of the house at all times. There is really NO place for a basketball hoop. Sigh...  Indoor activities it is for now, at least until his birthday in May.

What's on your kid's wish list this year? Also, what's your opinion? Don't you think that kids have more "stuff" these days at a younger age??  What will we be buying them as teenagers??
                    ~Betsy :)


  1. Hmm that's a hard one with the laptop. COMPLETELY agree that kids have so much more stuff nowadays. It took me until 14/15 until I knew how to really run a computer I think. haha

  2. Come see me if you are out on Black Friday ... Macy's Juniors Dept Thursday night 11:30pm to Friday morning 9:30am. I will be needing a coffee break for sure - come join me!

    1. Oh Friend! I wish I could shop with you, but I'll be Black Friday shopping in Idaho.:( Have a great time! Best of luck, and I hope you get lots of deals!! :)

    2. I won't be shopping ... just working - boo!! Have a great time with the fam ... Happy Thanksgiving!!