Thursday, November 15, 2012

Painting Trees...

Hey Y'all!  Here's reason #103 Why Pinterest makes me a better person....

Because I randomly painted a winter tree with my daughter on her wall yesterday!  She had a great time painting "inside the lines" that I outlined.  There's one little "oopsie" up there on the wall that I have to touch up with the wall color as soon as I get motivated to dig it out of the garage today. I'm not crafty or artsy in any way, but I think it turned out okay for free hand painting. What do you think? Either way, Katie loves it!  



  1. I have no creative/crafty ability either. haha. This is nicely done though! :D

  2. Super cute!
    Hey what city in Georgia are you from? I have some friends in Athens and I LOVE IT THERE!!!!

    1. I am originally from Snellville, Ga., but most of my family has since moved. Now when I go home I'm usually in Madison, which is a small town right outside Athens. It's great, and my family are all huge UGA fans. Go Dawgs! :)

  3. Nice work nerdy sister. Looks professional!

  4. That looks so cool! I'm inspired ;) My daughter will be getting a new room soon. Nice job!