Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When life gives you too much stuff...

Give life Space Bags!! This is one of my favorite vacation accessories! I know everyone has seen the infomercial, but you have to try them! They really work great, especially for packing to go on trips!

I bought the combo pack at Big Lots for $10

Before the Space Bag

As you can see, I do NOT pack light!

It's a bit disturbing that they have to put this warning on the bag! Does that mean that "somewhere, some idiot said to himself" (Inside joke, but my family will get it!)

After the Space Bag! Now I have plenty of room to pack more shoes!! 

Happy Travels!!      ~Betsy

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  1. I love Space Bags ... especially when my husband thinks that all 4 of us can pack into one suitcase to save the baggage fees. {Sigh.}