Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ready, Set... Summer!

It's the start of summer in our household!  R had his last day of school yesterday, and I am now officially the mother of a 4th grader. Where has time gone?  Geez!

Yesterday after school we went with friends to Fizz here in Portland's Belmont neighborhood to celebrate the end of the school year. It's a modern twist on the classic soda and candy shop. It was SO fun! We sat at the counter, ordered ice cream and milk shakes, while the kids checked out the candy displays. They have tons of unique candies to choose from. A word to the wise: Keep an eye on your kids here! It was busy yesterday, and while Gen and I were chatting, the kids were filling their candy bags. Kids should NEVER be left unsupervised around bulk candy at $7 a pound, and over-sized $20 lollipops. Learn from our mistake! Ha!  If you are local, I would totally recommend stopping in to get in touch with your inner 10 year old self though. It's delicious!

We may not live in the sunny south, but summers around these parts are really beautiful! We pack our days full of summer camps, park days, camping, vacation, and trips to Idaho, etc... Then we turn around, and it's September! It's exhausting and super fun at the same time. I LOVE summer!  Whatever the season brings, I plan to pack it full of sunshine while it lasts. Using plenty of sunscreen along the way of course!


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