Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello? June, Are you there? It's me Betsy.

This is getting ridiculous!  Here in Oregon we have had the wettest spring on record, and we have even officially exceeded the average yearly rainfall totals in Portland for the year. It's only JUNE!  My southern brain tells me that it's summer, and the calendar is saying the same thing. I just wish Mother Nature would cooperate! I am feeling pretty water logged these days.  I start to feel like if I get anymore rain in my flats, or if I have to unload another bag of groceries with a 3 year old in the rain, I may just totally lose it in the parking lot at Fred Meyer! I will hold it together though, because I know that summer is just around the corner. Vacation home to the sunny South is coming up soon, and that is where I will thaw out with the people I love the most in the world.  BIG smiles! It's also the last week of school for the kids this week, so Park Days and summer fun is on the horizon as well.  On the upside of crummy weather, I get to be lazy and just wear my hair curly today. :)


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