Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clothes and Vegas...

Hi Y'all!

       We are leaving for Vegas soon, and I am SO excited! Last night, I decided to go through my closet to see what I am going to wear at night when we go out while we are there.  What did I find???  NOTHING!
Let's be honest...  I am a stay-at-home mom, so other than the gold shirt I got during my Thrift Store Wardrobe Challenge, I don't exactly have the Vegas type wardrobe.  I also live in Portland, OR, where it's acceptable to wear jeans and a sweater to nearly everything from getting married to getting buried.

Now with it being the holiday season, and all of the expenses that come along with that, I am on the hunt for glitzy garments on a budget. Besides, I like to spend my money at the roulette table! (Holler back Lucky #33 Black!) Here are a few things that I have my eye on. I will be going shopping this evening to see what I can find. Hopefully I'll find some great holiday sales! What are you wearing to your festivities this season?

Forever 21 
metallic top - $17.80
(with jeans)

Forever 21
sequined sheath dress $32.80
color color color!! This will be awesome with my boots!

h.i.p tunic champagne tunic tank 

Old Navy
sheer seamed yoke top
I need jewelry and heels to dress this one up.

Mossimo crocodile embossed clutch 

perforated grey clutch $29.99
I really love this one because it fits nicely on the edge of a black jack table. ;)


  1. HAVE FUN!!! And take lots of pictures!

    I love outfits 1 and 2!

  2. Love the last clutch!

  3. okay, you NEED that glitter tunic from Nordstrom! I went to Vegas for the first time this past September and had such a blast! You're going to have so much fun :)