Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hey Y'all!

       I'm back from all of my holiday festivities, and SO happy to be home. I am missing family like crazy already though. Here we are with Hubs family. I have heard that the older you are, the more you need people around that you knew when you were young. Well, I think that must totally be true. We totally miss having our families around, especially now that we all have kids and our own families. This means that I'm super excited my Mama and Coach (my stepfather) are coming this month on the 11th. Yippee! I'll get to see family again soon. :)

How were your holidays?  Mine were crazy busy, but even more crazy fun!  We went from Portland  to Idaho, to Las Vegas, NV, and back to Idaho again for skiing. It was a blast!  I wish I could wake up tomorrow and do it all over again...  Oh well, on to 2013!

Speaking of 2013... Do you have any goals for the New Year?  I do! Some of mine are personal, but I will tell you a few.

1. Increase running mileage for 2013!  I hit a total runners rut in 2012. I was tired of training and running in the rain, etc... Well, Suck it up Sissy!! I'm going to be lacing them up and running a lot this year. What's the first race I should sign up for? Hmmm....

2. Learn to Bake!  I love to cook, and I dabbled in a little bit of baking over the holiday season, and realized that I really love to bake as well. I would not say that I am the best baker though. I want my kids to grow up loving something that I bake besides cookies, so I need to hit the kitchen.  Oh,  and now that I know about soy carob flour, it can hopefully be done a little healthier. We'll see!

3. Get Certified!  I have been wanting to get certified in group fitness for quite sometime, and it's time. I am hoping to get certified by spring, because I have fitness plans for summer. Stay tuned!

4. Clean up my Mouth!  I tend to let a few profanities slip when speaking with friends, but I'm getting to old for that. After all, I'm going to turn 35 this year! Gasp! Time to be a lady. ;)

5. Get Organized!  I have a serious problem with organization. My house may be clean, but watch out when you open the kitchen cabinets!

Whether or not I achieve any of these goals; I was extremely blessed in 2012, so more of the same would be just fine with me. :)    ~Betsy


  1. Happy New Year!
    You have been busy all around, wow!

    haha I love goal number 4!
    I should probably stick learning how to cook as one of mine. I'm hopeless..absolutely hopeless.

  2. Clean up your mouth? What is the fun in that? All bets are off when I get home from teaching all day! That is funny though.

  3. I love the picture! Miss you guys.