Monday, January 14, 2013

Coastal Living

Hey Y'all!

         How was your weekend? We had a pretty fun weekend, because we headed down to the coastal town of Astoria, OR, and Long Beach, WA.  We stayed got a condo for the weekend because my parents are in town, and they wanted to drive over to the coast. Here are a few pictures from the "beach". It makes me laugh that we all are standing in waves crashing beside us, while all bundled up in our winter coats. To a girl from the South, this feels completely unnatural!! It was fun anyway. :)

This is giant seaweed!!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Eugene, Oregon this summer and I sure miss it. :)

  2. When are you going to get back to blogging? I sure do miss you on here! I know you have tips and tricks, recipes, and product reviews you could be sharing with us!! :o)


  3. Super fun blog! I also live in Portland and found your blog through pdxbloggers. Hope you had a good weekend!